Manufacturers of MS rubber line reactor Aries Fabricators

MS Aries Fabricators’s rubber lining division provides cost-effective and durable rubber lined reactors to industries where corrosive and abrasive protection are a number one priority. Whether your application calls for natural rubber, nitrile rubber, or a thermoplastic PVC like Koroseal, Aries Fabricators Pvt Ltd has the expertise to protect your Reactor tanks, pipes or other metal fabricated products.

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Test Procedures Conducted

  • Testing
    1. Spark Testing: To ensure no pinholes are present after applying rubber lining to the equipment.
    2. Shore Hardness testing: For quality assurance of the rubber used.
  • Stirrer Types:
    1. Anchor stirrers used for high density materials moving at slow RPM (15 to 60 RPM Maximum)
    2. Propeller stirrers used for medium density materials moving at steady RPM (100 to 300 RPM Maximum)
    3. Turbine stirrers used for low density materials moving at high RPM (100 to 1000 RPM Maximum)
    4. Cutter stirrers used for particular processes moving at very high RPM
  • Shore Hardness testing:
    1. For quality assurance of the rubber used.

Different types of Rubber that can be used:

  • Soft Natural: 35 to 65 Shore A durometer hardness
  • Semi Hard Natural: 80 to 95 Shore A durometer hardness (normally backed with a soft rubber tie gum)
  • Hard Natural (Ebonite): 100+ Shore A durometer hardness (Sulphur content exceeding 40 parts)
  • Chlorobutyl: 45 to 65 Shore A durometer hardness (1% chlorine with excellent impermeability to gases and good heat resistance)
  • Neoprene: 35 to 80 Shore A durometer hardness (polymerization of chloroprene)

* Other custom formulations are also available.

Technical Features:

  1. Capacity Range: 450 to 15000 liters<ol
  2. GMP and non-GMP models available
  3. MOC – Mild Steel
  4. Custom build – Aries Recommended or as per client drawings

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