Manufacturers of MS Lead Bonded Reactor Aries Fabricators

Aries Fabricators lead bonding/lining division is known for its high quality finish. We execute lead bonding activities by procuring 99.97% pure lead ingot imports from Australia. The surface of the Reactor is cleaned by sand blasting it after total fabrication of the reactor. Lead sticks derived from lead ingots are then bonded with the vessel. Lead bonding and lining is generally used in reaction of anti-corrosive and acidic components.

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Test Procedures Conducted

  • Congo Red Test or HCL Acid Test
    1. Homogenous lead bonding tests are conducted to ensure quality and proper application of lead bonding/lining on the equipment.
  • Stirrer Types:
    1. Anchor stirrers used for high density materials moving at slow RPM (15 to 60 RPM Maximum)
    2. Propeller stirrers used for medium density materials moving at steady RPM (100 to 300 RPM Maximum)
    3. Turbine stirrers used for low density materials moving at high RPM (100 to 1000 RPM Maximum)
    4. Cutter stirrers used for particular processes moving at very high RPM

Technical Features

  1. Capacity Range: 450 to 15000 liters
  2. GMP and non-GMP models available
  3. MOC – Mild Steel
  4. Custom build – Aries Recommended or as per client drawings

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